Huge HDT-04

HDT 04 26TX3.00 front suspension dual disc-single speed with sturdy tig welded low profile frame with inner decal, innovative designed steel suspension fork, double wall alloy rim(6061 mat.) with nylon tyre, stylish PU saddle with QR seat post, stylish alloy stem (6061 mat.)

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  • Technical Specifications

    FRAME ●Sturdy Steel 16.5″ Tig Welded Frame for 26″ X 3.0″ wheel size.
    ●Over Sized formed steel tubes & Over Sized Head Tube.
    FORK ●Threadless Non-Suspension Unicrown Rigid Fork compatible to Disk Brake.
    ●Over Sized formed steel tube fork legs .
    SEAT BOLT/QUICK RELEASE ●Aluminum Alloy Quick Release Seat Post Clamp of suitable to Ø31.8 mm. Seat Tube.
    ●ED Black finish.
    BB SET ●KENLI BB cartridge with sealed bearings.

    ●Cold Forged Steel Cups & Cotterless axle 144 mm.

    ●Anodized Black Finish BB Cups & Axle with Steel Spacer.

    HEADSET ●Specially Designed Threadless Over size Headset compatible to Ø44mm Head Tube.
    ●Caged En9 Steel ball bearing retainers for smooth and long lasting performance.

    ●Aluminium Alloy Cap on Head Set for protection & to improve the aesthetics.
    ●EXTENSION RINGS (3 PCS) complete black coloured spacers 2pcs. 10mm & 1pc.15mm

    ● Steel washer 2 mm thk. 2 pcs. ED Black finish.

    HANDLE BAR ●Steel tube Handle Bar semi raised.

    ●Sturdy 18 SWG Swaged tube Ø31.75mm & 645mm length.

    ●ED Black finish.

    HANDLE STEM ●6061 grade Aluminium Alloy Handle Stem for 31.8mm handle bar with Allen Head Bolt Bar Clamp & with HUGE Logo.

    ●Box Type Extension length 80 mm.

    ●ED Black finish.

    HANDLE GRIPS ●Soft rubber material.
    ●125 mm Fancy Grips.
    ●Universal fit for Ø22.2mm handle bar.

    ●Two tone colour.

    BRAKE LEVERS ●Aluminium Alloy Sturdy Brake Levers with Resin Bracket for use with V & Disc Brakes.

    ●Universal for Ø22.2mm diameter handlebar.
    ●Finish Matte Black.

    FRONT/REAR DISC BRAKE ROTAR ●Ø160 mm, 1.8 mm thk. High quality Steel Disc Rotor Bolted type.

    ●Color: Brushed Steel Finish.

    DISC BRAKE CALIPER ●Superior Quality Aluminium Alloy Single Action Caliper.

    ●More Effective on Long Steep Down Hill Run.
    ●Superb performance in either dry or wet conditions.

    ●ED Black Finish.

    BRAKE INNER CABLE ●Ø1.5mm Rust free Galvanized steel material.
    BRAKE OUTER CASING ●Friction free Outer Casing of Ø5mm with PVC material skin of frame matching colour.
    ●Rust free Galvanized steel coil structure.
    ●Steel end caps to prevent from unnecessary drag.
    CHAIN ●Single speed Bush less Chain 106 links for Smooth Motion.

    ●Stretch Proof heat treatment to increase the chain life.
    ●Anti rust coating for Smooth functioning.

    ●Brown & Black Finish.

    FREEWHEEL ●18T Full Ball Freewheel.
    ●New Improved Ring Spring for low noise & smooth function.
    ●EN-9 Steel Balls for smooth and long lasting performance.

    ●Golden finish.

    CHAIN WHEEL CRANK ●42 Teeth steel Chain wheel with 170mm Cotterless Wide Crank set.
    ●Unbreakable Plastic Black Dual Chain Guard.

    ●E.D Black Finish

    PEDALS ●Tuff Plastic Body construction with anti-skid performance.
    ●EN-9 Steel Ball & Cold forged Steel Spindle assembly for smooth and effective pedaling.
    ●ICAT Manesar/R&D Centre for Bicycle Ludhiana Approved Reflectors as per ISO 6742 are built in for increased visibility in low light for safety.
    TYRE ●26″x 3.0″ AV Nylon Tyre (HARTEX/RALSON).
    ●The tyres with a high-volume casing.
    ●Special rubber compound protection against tube punctures.
    TUBE/VALVES ●Compatible to 26″ wheel size of width 3.0″.
    ●Very high-quality AV valve that retains pressure well.
    ●High quality molded material for puncture resistance.
    RIM TAPE ●26″ x 3.0″ 0.8 mm thk. PVC Yellow colour Rim Tape .
    RIM ●26″x 3.0″ 36 holes Aluminium Alloy with CNC cut on both sides.
    ●Lite & Sturdy Aluminium Alloy 6061 grade material.
    ●Compatible with V-Brake & Disc Brake.

    ●Huge PVC stickers 2 per side/ 4 per wheel.

    FRONT/REAR HUB ●Parallax 36 Holes Front & Rear Wide Flange PHT FAT Steel Hubs Bolted Disc Brake with EN9 Steel Balls. for Smooth Functioning.

    ●ED Black Finish.

    SPOKE & NIPPLE ●Plain Strong & Sturdy steel Spokes.
    ●Front 254mm, Rear 251, 252mm 14 SWG ED Black Finish.
    ●Steel Nipples Anti Rust BCP Finish.
    SPOKE DISC ●5.1/2″ Unbreakable Transparent Plastic Disc.
    SADDLE ●Plush padding of high density PU foam.
    ●Virgin quality black Base & High pitch printed rexine.
    ●ED Black finish Nuts, Clamp & Rails.
    SEAT POST ●Steel Seat Post Ø28.58mm, 1.4mm thk. & 12″ Length.

    ●ED Black finish.

    KICK STAND ●Bracket mounted side Stand of 11.2mm Rod Dia,3.4mm bracket thickness with plastic shoe.
    ●Easy assembly / disassembly & smooth functioning.
    ●Wider foot cover with anti-skidding design.
    REFLECTORS ●ICAT Manesar/R&D Centre for Bicycle Ludhiana Approved Reflectors as per ISO 6742 for increased visibility in low light for safety.
    ●Wheel Reflectors 4 Units, Front Reflector Assy 1 Unit, Rear Reflector Assy 1 Unit
    PAINTS ●High pigment TSA Paints with UV life of 200 hrs & Salt spray resistance 120 hrs.
    ●Excellent Finish in Gloss & Matte coats.
    DECALS ●Inner Decals with high Pigment Fluorescent inks.
    ●Non Fading colours with high UV life up to 150 hrs.
    ●Eye catching Excellent graphics attracts young generation.
    PACKAGING ●SKD 1×1 (In Semi knocked down condition one Bicycles in one carton)
    NOTES Marked are Special to Increase the Performance, Strength & Aesthetics.




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